Wednesday, January 3, 2007

(off-topic) Maps

I'm a big map fan. I'd guess, as a poor (by U.S. standards), it's because I've never been anywhere, or barring a lottery win, will never go anywhere. I came across Unique Maps a few weeks ago, and ordered the U.S. and World versions. I got them today. They are INCREDIBLE!! The details are beyond anything I've seen on any other maps. They have buildings that represent the cities, detailed mountain ranges and a LOT more. If your a map fan, they are a must have. The only drawbacks are I wish they would have made them a bit bigger. Because of the size on the world map, the Pacific Rim is on the back, and on the U.S. map Alaska and Hawaii are on the back. I find this a bit odd, but they are still MUST haves, if your into maps, and the prices are great!