Monday, December 17, 2007

Toasty Feet

Things have been going well in the ghetto. I've been heating it to a near tropical 35 degrees. Thats warm enough for lifting and I'd say for me, a lot more comfortable that the humid 90s of the summer. The only problem I've had is my feet have been freezing. I think this is because I can fairly quickly increase the air temp, but the ground remains very cold. I've tried thicker sole shoes with limited luck.

So, I decided to try a product called Toasty Feet. I got my pair on ebay. When they arrived I quickly trimmed them to the proper size. They have markings on them to help and it was very easy. I slipped them in a pair of workout shoes and tried them out. They worked flawlessly. Near the end of the workout, a time my feet would usually be frozen, they weren't even cold. In fact, when I took my shoes off, I realized my feet had even sweat a bit. I would highly recommend them.