Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Worlds cheapest, easiest prowler, with a catch

Hopefully you have seen my streecrawler. My only frustration has been the inability to push high on the handles. Sorinex systems Root Hog (really cool name and device), gave me the idea of adding an extended handle to the streetcrawler. Well after some drilling and experimenting, I have temporarily abandon that idea. BUT, I came across what may be the easiest idea yet. Just use the handle, in my case a one inch 4 foot pipe with 2 twelve inch handles attached to it with a T, to push the inside of the front of a tire. It work really well. I need to experiment more as it was 10 degrees and icy in spots, but I think it will work well. So if your super cheap. a tire is all you need. You can push super low by just grabbing the tire and pushing, or use the handle for a higher grip. The catch is, it's going to take a little more experimenting to determine a tire size, likely an individual thing based on strength. I'm thinking a couple 2x4s on top if added weight is needed. I think the ideas has promise.